David West is the Detroit born,Paris based painter and illustrator,who is known for his flamboyant and colorful work.

His psychedelic and sometimes sexy painting style, his psychological subject matter, and his sophisticated and seductive delivery make for an exciting experience, best delivered live, upfront and in person.  If you own a large piece, it may eat your couch.  If you possess a smaller piece, it may eat your stash.  He attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, lived for long periods in New York City and San Francisco, and resides for many years in the fascinating city of Paris.    He and his work have been the subject of various books and monographs, and he makes both lithographs and intaglio prints with different studios.   His book on the subject of music "Drawing down the Muse", will be published in autumn 2010, and work from this project will be presented in November at the Gallery Le Monte- En-l'air, in the dangerous and beautiful Belleville district. He has been the recipient of both the Pernod Liquid Art award, and the Gibson Guitart award.  He is also the father of the wonderful and precocious William Axel West, who is seven  years of age.



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