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December 2004
Steve MacDonald
Steve MacDonald Art, Pink Buck, Winged Bunny, Fishnets & More!
Bucks, winged bunnies, and some great new cuckoo clocks.
November 2004
John Drury
Photos: St. Eom's Pasaquan
Photographs by John Drury of a fantastic place called Pasaquan; where the past and the present and the future and everything else come together.?? - St. Eom
October 2004
Lucy Ruth Wright Rivers
Clear as Fog
Seven wall pieces and a large ball.
October 2004
Larry Cressman
Collection Snapshots
Wood figurines, plastic animals, and bowls made from cigar wrappers.
September 2004
Ned Gedney
Burningman 2004
Ned's photos from the Playa, 2004
August 2004
John Drury
Drury Early Works
A selection of John Drury's sculptures from the mid 1980's.
July 2004
John Drury
More Drury Objects and 1 Collage
A sampling of objects and a collage created by John Drury.
July 2004
John Drury
Photos: The South
Photographs by John Drury taken throughout the Southern United States.
June 2004
Steve MacDonald
Steve MacDonald, Cuckoo Clocks & Power Lines
Steve uses plywood, canvas, thread and ballpoint pen to tell time.
May 2004
Jim Damron
Jesus, Sultan, and Pinball Turtle
Some great new portraits, the space shuttle, and a beautiful sunset.
April 2004
Gregg Woolard
Recent Paintings from Gregg Woolard
March 2004
Jim Damron
Valley Scenes
Coming to you direct from the Valley.
February 2004
Ned Gedney
January 2004
Hank Swipple
Recent Watercolors
In this series of watercolors, Swipple continues his investigation into the everyday aesthetic output of everyday people.
All images appearing on Swipple are copyright of the artist; Use only with permission.