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December 2005
Steve MacDonald
Steve MacDonald, all that glitters is gold
Art, Embroidered paintings
November 2005
John Drury
A current exhibition of John Drury's work at Sarah Lawrence College.
September 2005
John Drury
Photos: All New York
Photographs taken by John Drury in New York State.
September 2005
John Drury
Photos: Carribean Islands
Photographs by John Drury taken throughout the Carribean Islands.
August 2005
Banks Clayton
American Dreamscapes
Lovely Paintings by Banks Clayton
July 2005
Jake Klotz
Robot/a catenary project
Jake klotz and Mishmash(Ru.)
June 2005
John Drury
Drury and Drury Collaboration.
Collaborative works by John Drury and his five-year-old daughter, Sierra.
June 2005
John Hoder
Human Limitations
Humans are limited. It's okay.
March 2005
Swipple Exhibits
Group Show @ Max Fish
Swipple artists on Ludlow St. in NYC
February 2005
John Drury
Photos: Birdman of Exit 39
Photographs by John Drury of an environment created by Robert D. Smith, the Birdman of Exit 39.
January 2005
John Drury
Photos: W. C. Rice's Miracle Cross Garden
Photographs by John Drury of W.C. Rice's Cross Garden.
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