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December 2006
Matt Crane
Matt Crane
New Works
November 2006
Jim Damron
An American Master
Oil Paintings
November 2006
Zach Erickson
Recent Work
Mixed Media
October 2006
Ruth Marks
Fall 2006
Small scale figurative work in paper clay and cast resin
August 2006
Jake Klotz
lucid geometries
a fan zine by Jake Klotz
July 2006
Harvey Fite
Opus 40
An environment sculpted from an abandoned quarry outside Saugerties, NY
July 2006
Rivers of Hope
fantastic... Miss Tam
Miss Tam is an embroidery artist living in Hoi An, Vietnam
May 2006
Jason Wright
Pass the Torch
Recent wall constructions built from yet more scrap.
May 2006
Brion Nuda Rosch
Studio Visit Assemblage
Piles Looking Inside
April 2006
Steve MacDonald
AN ACCIDENT OF FREE WILL, Art by Steve MacDonald / Jake Klotz
Closing, Thrusday, May 4th, 2006 7-9pm San Francisco
April 2006
Swipple Exhibits
Envelope Show
Smallish works from Swipple artists & beyond.
March 2006
Silvio Barile
Silvio's Pizza
Visit Silvio's in Redford Michigan!
February 2006
Brion Nuda Rosch
Set of Wonders
Installation & Paintings
February 2006
Swipple Exhibits
Max Fish 2006
The Swipple gang returns to their wonderful hosts in the big apple.
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