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December 2008
Love, from Michigan
A wonderful selection of found slides.
November 2008
Prison Creative Arts Project
Selections from the 2008 PCAP art exhibit
This is a small sampling of artwork from the 2008 installment of an annual exhibit presented by PCAP at the University of Michigan.
October 2008
Chief Thunder, Frank Van Zant
Thunder Mountain Monument
Photos taken by Lucy R. W. Rivers of the amazing site in Imlay, Nevada
October 2008
Swipple Exhibits
5nd Annual @ Max Fish
Swipplers celebrate 5 years with another exciting group show at Max Fish NYC!
October 2008
John Hoder
Pigging Out
Portraits of strangers pigging out
October 2008
Swipple Exhibits
Five Years of Swipple!
A retrospective sampling of the harvest from five years of benign neglect.
October 2008
John Hoder
Birdwatcher Collaboration
Drawings by John Hoder, Jessy Butts, Christoper Pierce, and Roger Howard
August 2008
Vince Hannemann
Cathedral of Junk
Amazing artist environment in Austin Texas
June 2008
Christina Vantzou
Figure Drawing Spring 2008
recents works on paper by christina vantzou
May 2008
Jim Damron
a dog show
treasured pets in assorted settings
May 2008
Steve MacDonald
Little Zero
Summer line
May 2008
Chelo Amezcua
Drawings, poems, and a purse.
Photos of works by Chelo Amezcua from a private collection.
May 2008
John Drury
Photos: Brooklyn (Hints)
Photographs taken by John Drury in Brooklyn.
April 2008
Swipple Exhibits
RC 286: Sculpture
Artwork made in Jason Wright's Sculpture class at the University of Michigan
April 2008
Brion Nuda Rosch
Blank Gift Cards that may Have Meaning
Brion Nuda Rosch & Katherine Ann Homan
February 2008
Jim Damron
Mobiles Feb. '08
new light balsa commercial transport mobiles
January 2008
Jason Wright
Retirement Party
Goodbye cruel world!
All images appearing on Swipple are copyright of the artist; Use only with permission.