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December 2009
Swipple Exhibits
Swipple and Gold
The Swipple artists’ collaborative takes the show on the road to San Francisco’s Ever Gold Gallery.
December 2009
Donna K
pictures on pictures
Made these things over the last few years. It's better than a drug habit, right? I think so.
December 2009
Jake Klotz
Mystic Chile
Pinhole photographs and some found photos from Chile 09
December 2009
Jake Klotz
Batter head '09
recent works
October 2009
Jim Damron
animal party
animals of the world for autumn 09
September 2009
Familiar Dreams
a collection of new work
March 2009
Jason Wright
Before My Time
Drawings from the early 90's
February 2009
John Hoder
Social Circles
Study of formal social positioning (FSP)
February 2009
Jason Wright
Visions of the Drive-thru Warrior, a Collaboration
A visual interpretation of the writings of Frank Dixon; new work by Jason Wright at the University of Michigan Residential College Art Gallery
January 2009
Jim Damron
must go with Ikea
Images of America
All images appearing on Swipple are copyright of the artist; Use only with permission.