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December 2011
Residential College Art Gallery, University of Michigan
The Library of Babel, Envisioned
an exhibit inspired by the story by Jorge Luis Borges
October 2011
Swipple Exhibits
One for the Road: Swipple at Max Fish 2011
Swipple brings it back to Max Fish for another round of aesthetic goodness!
September 2011
Gregg Woolard
there/not there
Homopsychedelia at its finest!
June 2011
Lucy Ruth Wright Rivers
ropemaking as yard control
June 2011
Swipple Exhibits
The Beauty of Fishing Outdoors, and More..
Selections from the Swipple collection of Art by Michigan Prisoners
June 2011
Frankie Davis
Drawings: 2009 to 2011...
June 2011
Frankie Davis
Drawings: 2008 & earlier...
April 2011
Lucy Ruth Wright Rivers
home work
stucco and mosaic work-some personal, some commissioned
March 2011
Lucy Ruth Wright Rivers
school work
mosaic work with students 2nd graders to High Schoolers
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