Steve MacDonald; Deitch Projects Art Parade 2006, Steve MacDonald and Tim Clinton; 9/2006

This is submitted as a proposal for inclusion in
your 2006 art parade.
As a collaborative art parade project, we see a
brilliant gold tank/chariot being pulled by six people
through the streets of Manhattan. It will be a
combination of Roman and Modern war machines. Both
the standard of conquering technology for their eras,
both turned into one pretty object that projects
shit-hot happy sounds.

Contradicting traditional tank construction
materials, our ambassador of conquest will be adorned
in magnificent embroidery atop luminous gold, a
camouflaged spectacle ablaze in the streets. Gold
fields with red stitching is the signature of Steve
Macdonald�s current work. He will create fantastic
landscapes and fanciful themes that will cover the
tank. This treatment will provide beauty as well as
concealment beseeched with a bit of swaggering irony.
We propose a vehicle of war made up in its finest,
conceived in the essence of bedazzlement and

The notion of contraptions and their creation are a
constant theme for Tim Clinton both in his art and as
part of Dawson & Clinton. The cart that is at the
core of our piece has seen the streets extensively in
the service of free speech at numerous anti-war
demonstrations. Its sonic capability to deliver
stirring compositions is ideally designed for parade
situations invoking auditory mayhem in the spirit of
quasi-pageantry, quasi-campaign. This project gives
us the opportunity to take this cart to another level
through an aesthetic narrative that engages both
visually and aurally.

Our piece is full of contradictions; quilted war
machinery, pulling a tank through the streets, an
impotent bully smeared with rouge. Armed with a
barrage of symphonies, disco-funk, and a smoke
machine, our Faberge tank/chariot will be pulled by
us, alongside our allies, into the experience ahead.
We look forward to your event and hope you deem our
proposal worthy of inclusion. The tank/chariot itself
will be 8ft x 10ft. Our piece will require
approximately 30ft x 30ft of space and the participation
of eight people.

Matthew Davis, Sandy Castleberry, Ling Busche, Rebecca (thanks for the amazing burlap costumes) & Paul Dawson, Jake Klotz, James Powers, Dawn Blacman, Amy Barkow, Bucheon Gallery SF, and Bill Sommers.

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