About Swipple

Hank Swipple
Portrait by Jim Damron

Swipple was a collaborative network of artists exhibiting artwork online through the Swipple.com website, from 2003 - 2014. It was an “island of lost toys” for artists, a flickering beacon located on the distant outskirts of the art-world proper.

Our curatorial direction reflected the wide ranging and idiosyncratic inclinations of our founder, artist and historian Hank Swipple.

Swipple was committed to uncovering and presenting artwork from the vast pool of lesser known artists plugging away at the periphery of the art-world proper.

The aesthetic direction was dictated much by chance, and of course nepotism, and while in that way it parallels the art-world, we hope that it does so in its own unique way. Visitors to the website are not required to have any background in the arts, and are welcome to make their own decisions about what they like. We suggest only that artists be taken as much as possible on their own terms.

If you have a question for us or would like to get in touch, you can email us at:
"swippler" at gmail

We are always interested in discovering new art and artists, and while the website is no longer being actively updated, artists are encouraged to contact us, and to send us links to their work online.

Thank for visiting!

Hank Swipple

All images appearing on Swipple are copyright of the artist; Use only with permission.