Nick Engelbert; Nick Engelbert's Grandview; 10/2009

Nick Engelbert's Grandview is a collection of sculptures surrounding his decorated farmhouse in Hollandale, WI. Born in Austria in 1913, Englebert relocated to the U.S., and bought this farmhouse with his wife, Katherine, in 1922.  He started building a porch for his house in 1937, embellishing it with fragments of glass, ceramic and beads. For the following decades, he made and decorated concrete figures, depositing them around his land. When his old age slowed his sculpting, Englebert turned to painting instead. He passed away in 1962. Now a museum and educational center managed by the Pecatonia Educational Charitable Foundation, Grandview consists of a landscape of 40 sculptures around his shining house, which holds his paintings inside. 

Grandview website

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