Residential College Art Gallery, University of Michigan; The Library of Babel, Envisioned; 12/2011

The Library of Babel, Envisioned
An exhibit inspired by the story by Jorge Luis Borges
Residential College Art Gallery, University of Michigan
December, 2011

This exhibit includes the two large collaborative pieces displayed above, created by:

The students of RC Arts 286, Sculpture:
Megan, Carolyn, Jaclyn, Olivia, Kyran, Lauren, Michelle, Thomas, Camille, Abby, Alexandria, David, Omari, Eliza, & Jessica


The students of RCArts 288:
Adam, Hannah, Katrina, Martha, Nishant, Hanyang, Ricky, Zena, Ju Hee, Lili, Mike, Molly, Grace, Lindsey, & Zuocao

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